Operational Combat Series

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Enemy at the Gates

Guderian's Blitzkrieg II

Hube's Pocket
Baltic Gap
Case Blue
The Blitzkrieg Legend
Reluctant Enemies
Korea v2(2014 printing)
Tunisia II
Beyond the Rhine
Sicily II

Operational Combat Series: Consolidated Errata, Clarifications, & House Rules (12 May 2017)  

Version 4.2 LIVING Series Rules Version 4.2 tables
Legacy Version 4.1a rules Final Legacy Version 4.1a tables (zip file)
OCS Series rules errata Misc Counter Fixes for OCS games
  Turn Checklist
Version 3.1 rules (PDF) OCS Tutorial, a Tunisia AAR (PDF)
Version 3.0 tables

Map Layout for Case Blue +

Version 3.0 Index Generic dump record sheet (1 of 2)
Detailed Turn Sequence

Generic dump record sheet (2 of 2)

Errata (3.0) (3.1)

OCS unit value calculation worksheet

OCS 4.0 Aide Application


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